Mega Maderas

In 1996, Mega Maderas was founded by entrepreneurs with the vision of providing forestry products to clients worldwide.  By recognizing the opportunity of exporting high quality wood, they soon established operations in different continents.

Since its beginning, Mega Maderas has implemented a flexible operation that allows us to effectively meet international demands and supervise the quality of every product in its country of origin with our own staff.  Afterwards, we identified potential species located in South America, Central America, South Pacific and Africa.  

Mega Maderas now has locations in Central America, South America and Asia Pacific.  This keeps alive the tradition of offering options to our customers of diverse products to meet their needs while generating investment in different locations with timber potential.


To market forest products backed by our absolute guarantee and certified by our quality control supervision.


To create a portfolio of value-added forest products that will enable us to develop new markets and to position Mega Maderas as the brand of trust, quality and innovation.


  • Perseverance: Never, ever do we give up.
  • Effectiveness: We do our ordinary activities extraordinarily.
  • Purpose: Our success lies in exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • Innovation: There is ALWAYS a better solution. We come up with it.
  • Knowledge: There is no substitute for knowledge. Our growth depends on it.
  • Disclaimer: We are responsible for what we do, and for what we don’t do.
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Company Profile

Since 1996, Mega Maderas has fulfilled the wood demands of clients around the world. Our administrative structure allows us to satisfy and fulfil orders in a timely manner and deliver them to any location in the world. We have a designated shipping coordinator on staff to meet your needs.

Our technical staff in charge of wood selection is certified by NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) in order to insure the optimum quality of the wood we sell. We also have crews that deliver the product on-site.