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Red Meranti

Meranti Rojo

Shorea Acuminata: The heartwood is reddish brown. The sapwood is distinctly paler sometimes with a greyish tinge. The texture is coarse but even. The grain is usually interlocked producing stripe figure on the radial surface. The average hardness rating – dry for this specie is soft. Some common uses are Plywood, internal moulding and joinery, furniture and panelling.



Lonchocarpus castilloi Standl

The heartwood is highly coloured dark reddish brown with dark streaks. The Sapwood is white with fine to medium texture. The grain is interlocked with a high durability at the heartwood. The wood is very strong with medium shrinkage. It is used for constructional purposes, flooring and furniture and cabinet making.

Technical Quailities: Air dried 0.91-0.93 g/cm3



Virola Sebifera Aubl

When freshly cut, sapwood is pale beige and hardwood is pale yellow. It presents a slight and gradual contrast of colours between both layers. When dried in open air, alburnum turns pale yellow HUE 8/2 2.5Y and duramen turns very pale brown HUE 7/3 10YR.. Shine or gloss is moderate. The texture is medium, with streaks and patterns that are defined by growth rings and grain.

Technical Qualities:Kiln dried 0.41 (26 lb./ft3), Air dried 0.38-0.50 (23 to 30lb./ft3)



Entandrophragma cylindricum: The sapwood is pinkish gray to whitish, it has a thickness of 7 to 10 cm. The heartwood is red brown to purplish brown, it is clearly demarcated. The silver figure is fine, ripple marks. The grain is slightly but systematically interlocked; special care is needed when drying because of frequent risks of distortion. The texture varies from fine to medium. The wood is described as low in luster.

Technical Qualities: Density: Medium Heavy, Oven-dry 0.64 g/cm3, Air-dry 0.69 g/cm3

Tornillo Cedar

Cedro Tornillo

Cedrelinga catenaeformis

The sapwood merges gradually into the heartwood. The heartwood is described as pale reddish brown. The grain is generally straight or slightly interlocked. The wood is described as coarse and its luster is reported to be rather moderate.

Technical Qualities Density: Medium Heavy, Oven-dry 0.6 g/cm3, Air-dry 0.64 g/cm3

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